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Hows The Market

How's the Market? Are prices up? How quickly are homes selling? What did my neighbor's house sell for? What's my home worth? Should I buy or rent? When's the best time of year to go on the market? What's the best deal currently listed? You have plenty of great questions about our real estate [...]

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Whats Going On In The Market

How is the Market?  One of the most common questions we are asked is "what's going on in the market?" or "how is the market?" We usually give a thoughtful response, stating "it depends, are you Buying, Selling or Investing?" In this blog we will cover some general events going on in the market, [...]

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Significant Sales and Current Offerings – November – Issue 3

Carpenter / Kessel Significant Sales and Current Offerings - November - Issue #3 It has been said in business that you can't do today's job with yesterday's methods and expect to be in business tomorrow. With over 45 years of combined experience selling waterfront and luxury real estate in Brevard County, no one understand [...]

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Welcome Home to Brevard County

Welcome Home to Brevard County 50 miles east of Orlando, Brevard County offers its residents and visitors 72 miles of beautiful beaches, shopping for the most eclectic tastes, a plethora of outdoor and water activities, unique dining opportunities and some of the absolute best real estate deals on the east coast!  Brevard’s communities cater [...]

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14 Mistakes that will Kill your Homes Value

14 mistakes that will kill your home's value Your home is your castle, and you can do what you want with it. Right? Sure. But if you want a good return on the dough — and sweat equity — you pour into Home Sweet Home, you should make sure those changes are smart ones. [...]

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The Global Reach Of Carpenter Kessel

If you ask 1000 brokers in Brevard County "are you able to reach the market globally?" most will say yes, but in fact maybe just 2 out of that 1000 actually has the means. Putting properties on Zillow or Truilia isn't enough; making your website accessible to anyone all the time isn't enough. That [...]

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Be Aware When Using Zillow and Trulia

Be aware when using Zillow and Trulia Now more than ever with the lack of real estate listing inventory, Zillow / Trulia are not the portals to find the most current listings with accurate real estate data. As real estate agents know, our livelihoods depend on the accuracy of the data we analyze for [...]

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Market Insight with Kirk Kessel Realtor

Kirk Kessel, Top 1% of Realtors in the Nation How many people do you know who, while still in high school, got permission for an off campus lunch hour so he could inspect the work his three landscaping crews were doing while he was in British Lit.?  Or, who earned his pilot’s license before [...]

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