Dragon Point, Merritt Island – New Dragon to Emerge

New Dragon Point

Carpenter | Kessel Sold the Iconic Dragon Point property to Don Facciobene back in January for $800,000 Now there are solid plans for a new, two-headed Dragon and a 5000sf+ modern residence. Info here: Dragon Point Sale

Breathing  flames, the new Dragon will be named Rojak, a two-headed Dragon that will soon watch over where the Banana and Indian rivers meet.

According to our Buyer, Don Facciobene, Rojak and a newly built modern style residence is looking at a projected completion date of February 2017 at Dragon Point (the southernmost tip of Merritt Island)

Carpenter | Kessel sold this iconic piece of property to Don back in January, it’s widely regarded as Brevard County’s highest-profile home. Given the building process, he hopes to have all the permits needed secure in next 90 days.

Inside Facciobene’s office at Don Facciobene Inc, architects are designing three dimensional renderings of the new residence and and Rojak. Rojak the two-headed dragon was conceived by his young sons then painted by an award winning local artist.

Facciobene states the details of Rojak will include being  60 feet long,  25 feet wide with the top of his mane being 30 feet off the rocks, there will be lights in his eyes and fire coming from his breath. The reason behind the two heads — one to protect the Indian River and one to protect the Banana River.

The community can’t wait to watch this project develop and emerge.


Source: http://www.floridatoday.com/story/news/local/2015/04/24/brevard-merritt-island-dragon-point-will-rise-again-in-2017/26241673/

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