Oceanfront Condo Sales – 2014 2nd Quarter

Ocean Front Condo Sales in South Brevard for the Second Quarter of 2014

Oceanfront Balcony

The following is a list of oceanfront condo sales in the coastal towns of Satellite Beach, Indian Harbour Beach, Indialantic and Melbourne Beach for the second quarter of 2014. The criteria for this list was the condo must be 1100sf or larger and located in a direct oceanfront building. The average price this quarter was $371,000 and average sales price per square foot was $199 per foot. Click here for the brochure version of this blog: Oceanfront Second Quarter Brochure

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 List Price Sold Price Building Unit City Living SF Beds Baths
1095000975000LA COLONNADE CONDO602Satellite Beach377944
999900955000LA COLONNADE CONDO301Satellite Beach377944
995000975000TOPAZ OCEANFRONT602Indialantic443743.1
725000699000SALTAIRE CONDO203Melbourne Beach265033
579000535000SANDY KAYE CONDO701Indialantic207732
575000496000LANTANA OCEANFRONT3306Indian Harbour Beach250032.1
549000525000GARDENIA OCEANFRONT501Indian Harbour Beach261732.1
499900465500MAGNOLIA KEY CONDO2303Indialantic188732
489900479900EMERALD SHORES703Satellite Beach217332.1
479000460000OCEAN DUNES AQUAR P2803Melbourne Beach200732.1
449900430000GOLDEN PALM CONDO404Indian Harbour Beach200632
449900435000VIZCAYA OCEANFRONT202Indialantic258832.1
439500420000BREAKERS CONDO P2132Melbourne Beach201733
435000425000SOUTH SHORES OCEANSI802Melbourne Beach202933
425000405000REFLECTIONS CONDO203Satellite Beach195033
425000420000THE HORIZON CONDO P4434Satellite Beach219032
400000385000OCEAN DUNES AQUAR P3401Melbourne Beach240033.1
399900393000OCEAN SANDS CONDO405Indialantic181132
390000370000SEA PEARL CONDO612Indialantic161332
385000355000TIDEWATER CONDO206Melbourne Beach252133.1
379000375000CRISTAL CONDO PHS 1205Satellite Beach189032
379000379000OPUS 21 TOWNHOUSE2957Melbourne Beach151122.1
379000375000MAGNOLIA KEY CONDO2201Indialantic206132
375000358000LANTANA OCEANFRONT2303Indian Harbour Beach172032
369999357000OCEAN WALK CONDO808Indian Harbour Beach158332
365000340000SILVER SANDS CNDO P2411Satellite Beach197032
359900349000LANTANA OCEANFRONT4105Satellite Beach205132.1
354900334000BUCCANEER BCH CLUB701Satellite Beach165032.1
350000335000VILLAGER CONDO503Indialantic140522
350000320000SANDY KAYE CONDO803Indialantic156022
349500349000THE COMMODORE CLUB301Indialantic149333
329900328000SERENA SHORES203Satellite Beach190632
325000317500BREAKERS CONDO P1415Melbourne Beach138122
325000311900SILVER SANDS CNDO P2318Satellite Beach197032
324900300000THE HORIZON CONDO P1212Satellite Beach173622
324900310000OCEAN SANDS NORTH504Indialantic146422
319900274000OCEAN ROYALE CONDO301Satellite Beach141622
319000285000BUCCANEER BCH CLUB604Satellite Beach139232
318000308000THE HORIZON CONDO P2121Satellite Beach215032
309985305000LANTANA OCEANFRONT4103Indian Harbour Beach172032
305900290000THE DUNES367Indialantic157632
305000306000OCEAN SANDS SOUTH304Indialantic146422
299999275000OCEAN WALK CONDO607Indian Harbour Beach112022
299000295000OCEAN SANDS SOUTH504Indialantic146422
299000242000SILVER SANDS CNDO P1304Satellite Beach162722
299000279000OCEAN SANDS NORTH603Indialantic146422
295000280000OUTRIGGER CONDO105Indialantic139622
289900277500BCCNR BCH CLB CND P1904Satellite Beach139232
287000265000SILVER SANDS CNDO P2215Satellite Beach162722
279500267000INDIAN HRBR BCH CLB301Indian Harbour Beach130022
279000250000MONACO CONDO PH 1301Satellite Beach198032
279000265000INDIAN HRBR BCH CLB308Satellite Beach130022
269900260000BUCCANEER CONDO APTS603Satellite Beach126522
259900247000OCEANUS CONDOA201Satellite Beach120522.1
259000242000JADE PALM CONDO201Indialantic172632
259000235000LA PLAYA EAST CONDO3-CSatellite Beach130522
257000245000THE CASUARINA CLUB C409Indialantic116522
250000250000BUCCANEER CONDO APTS707Satellite Beach137022
249000240000BUCCANEER CONDO APTS208Satellite Beach147022
245000230000OCEAN WALK CONDO205Satellite Beach112022
199900186000GULLHOUSE III CONDO3Melbourne Beach125622

All sales information was taken from the Brevard County MLS.

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