8 Overlooked Items When Prepping Your Home for Sale

  1. SURVEY – Do you have a copy of a survey for your home? Have you made any changes that would affect your property survey i.e. pool, fence etc.
  2. Floor Plan or Appraisal Sketch – This is helpful to determine the exact square footage.
  3. Utility Bills – Buyers want to get an idea of what  can be expect for the ownership costs of your home.
  4. Termite Bond – This can be a primary concern especially if your house is frame construction.
  5. Insurance – Buyers especially want to know who a seller uses for their homeowners insurance and how much they pay.
  6. Product Manuals and Warranty Documents – Please gather various product manuals for all the items that will be staying in the home such as appliances, water heater, heating and cooling system, pool equipment, etc. If you home comes with any warranties, be sure to include these for the new owner as well.
  7. Service Providers – Compile a list of all service providers/vendors and their contact information who you have used on your home – lawn service, pool service, A/C company, etc. While a new buyer may or may not choose to use these services, they will certainly appreciate having resources available to them and may elect to initially use them as they make the transition to living in your home.
  8. HOA / Condo Docs and HOA Financials – A contract will likely hinge on the buyer’s review of this information, so easiest to have it available ahead of time. If you don’t have these, contact your HOA president or Management Company for assistance in obtaining a copy.
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