Owning a home with acreage is a dream of many people and for good reason. The natural setting around your home will provide a sense of peace and tranquility. There’s also additional privacy, as well as a little more “breathing room” from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. In Melbourne, the area that contains the highest concentration of large lots is known as Lake Washington. In addition to Lake Washington, the areas of Malabar and Valkaria have residences with large parcels of land which make them horse-friendly. In the northern portion of the county, Merritt Island features the largest waterfront acreage properties in Brevard County.

On occasion, it may take sacrificing a few hundred square feet of interior living space to attain the acreage you seek—but for many people, it’s a decision well worth making. For those considering that option, here are a few reasons why owning acreage could be the right choice for you:

For starters, you have plenty of space for outdoor expansion. Things like a hot tub, greenhouse, large garden, or any other thing you seek can all be comfortably built on a house that contains acreage.

As previously noted, you will also have plenty of privacy when owning acreage. Neighbors aren’t merely feet away, but possibly hundreds of yards separate you from the nearest home. Many people love this idea about owning a home with acreage—no nosy neighbors and no fear of you learning too much about your neighbor’s lifestyle. Also, the views…rather than cookie-cutter homes in your sightline, you have panoramic views of trees and anything else that nature has to offer.

Also when owning acreage, you will have plenty of room to entertain. Want to have a Fourth of July cookout for your family and friend? No need to worry about space, as there is all the room you need to cook, eat, play games, and do anything else you and your guests want to do.

One of the greatest things about owning acreage is the wildlife you will likely experience. It could be deer prancing across your vast expanse of land, a variety of birds, raccoons, squirrels—a whole ecosystem plays out right in front of your eyes. Oh, and not to mention the fun and space acreage provides for your pets. Currently, people who live in rural residential areas can own as many as four horses per acre for personal use.

Finally, it’s the silence. No traffic constantly humming in the background. No sirens blaring in the middle of the night. All the noise of city living is washed away when you own a home with acreage.

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