Brevard County Canalfront Single Family Home Sales


Third Quarter Report

Current Canalfront Homes for Sale

The average canal front home price was up for the 3rd quarter by 6.5%. While average prices increased, we saw a 20% decrease in the number of beachside Canal front sales and only a 5% decrease in sales for mainland and Merritt Island. Interestingly, the canal front homes in the northern section of the county were only negotiated down 3% from their listing price and beachside canal front properties on average negotiated 5% down from the average. This indicates that beachside sellers were pricing their homes higher and the market wasn’t accepting, forcing more negotiating.

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Looking at the Supply and Demand chart for canal front listings and sales, we see inventory (RED LINE) has risen 21% while sales have only increased by 1.8% (GREEN LINE) and properties going under contract are down by 11.4% (BLUE LINE). The increasing inventory will put pressure on further price increases making pricing even more important for owners considering selling their canal front homes.

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