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Carpenter / Kessel’s Buyer Agent Services

Purchasing a property can be a bumpy road. That’s why it makes sense to have an experienced  team made up of  real estate pros to guide the way.

While real estate websites, access to the  local MLS and mobile apps can help you identify potential properties that strike your interest, the Carpenter / Kessel team does much more. While many agents go at the process alone, Carpenter / Kessel has an entire team of professionals working for you making sure the transaction process goes as smooth as it can be. Click here to Meet the Team


Before you tour your first home, your agent with the Carpenter / Kessel team will learn more about your “wish list” which include your budget, wants, needs and motivation. Your expert agent will help you narrow your search and identify your priorities. Given the limited inventory, there are truly between 3-4 homes available that exactly meet your needs on paper.


Expect your agent to provide data on the local home market and comparable properties for sale and comparable properties that have actually sold. The highly experienced team at Carpenter / Kessel will explain all the steps involved – in a manner that makes them understandable – and provide counsel along the way.


Carpenter / Kessel works a niche market and will often know about homes that are not officially on the market. With the volume of real estate that Carpenter / Kessel sells, the have networked with many agents over the years and have good working relationships with them; this can lead to smooth transactions. Carpenter / Kessel is also able to refer you to trusted professionals including lenders, attorneys, home inspectors and contractors.


When you work with Carpenter / Kessel as a buyer’s agent, their fiduciary responsibility is to you. That means you have an expert looking out for your best financial interests and is contractually bound to do everything in their power to protect you. If you find yourself in a situation where Carpenter / Kessel represents both the buyer and seller, the transaction tends to go even smoother. Understand that Carpenter / Kessel can not represent one party to the detriment of another and that finding a win / win solution is paramount.


The Carpenter / Kessel team will handle the details of the negotiation process, including the preparation of all necessary offer, addendums, disclosures and counteroffer forms. Once your inspection is done and you find the property has some repairs items that were not expected, the agent can also help you negotiate for repairs.

Manage minutia

There is exhaustive paperwork that goes along with a real estate transaction and contractual deadlines that need to be met. Carpenter / Kessel provides you with a timeline list of the associated deadlines and details that can help you navigate these complex documents.

Look out

There are a number of pitfalls that can kill a deal as it inches toward closing. Perhaps there is a cloud on the title, the lender hasn’t met the financing deadline for loan commitment or the seller has failed to disclose a plumbing problem. Carpenter / Kessel knows to watch for trouble before it’s too late, and can skillfully deal with challenges as they arise.

The agents on the Carpenter /Kessel team do so much more than drive clients around to look at homes. When working with your agent you’re sure to benefit from their experience, knowledge of the local market and negotiation skills.

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