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CK Re-Marketing Success Stories

We Specialize in Re-Marketing Properties that Previously Failed to Sell How did we sell 223 homes in 2017 and 213 homes the year prior? The short answer is our process. Specializing in re-marketing homes through the CK Creative, we are able to create excitement and renewed interest in a home [...]

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5 Reasons to Move to The Space Coast Now

FIVE REASONS TO MOVE TO THE SPACE COAST NOW Living on the Space Coast is something we at the Carpenter Kessel Homeselling Team obviously take great pride in. After all, we make our living selling the lifestyle that living here affords our residents. Check out the list below to [...]

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2018 Real Estate Forecast

2018 Trends In Real Estate That Could Be Major Game Changers Contact the Carpenter | Kessel Homeselling Team Looking through historical real estate driven information as well as economic indicators we were excited to see what kind of potential the next year holds and boy [...]

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Are Your Home & Belongings Protected?

Are Your Home and Belongings Protected? Talking Homeowners Coverage with NuVantage Insurance... Cell: (321) 693-2593 (321) 253-9000 One size does not fit all when it comes to homeowners and personal insurance programs, especially when it comes to clients who need a broad, varied range of coverage. With [...]

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Why Some Melbourne Area Homes Sell Faster

With over 55 years of combined experience and thousands of transactions in the Melbourne area real estate market, we've identified the 9 key items to selling a home fast and for top dollar. Past the indisputable things such as, where the home is and the size of the home. Here are 9 other tipping points [...]

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6 Avoidable Pricing Mistakes Homesellers Make

6 Avoidable Pricing Mistakes Homesellers Make In this article we focus on the unconscious mistakes home sellers make when putting their properties on the market. Below are a few of the key salient points of this article. Market expertise is invaluable as pricing is both an art and a science. In a good market house goes [...]

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