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If you are considering selling your Luxury Home in Brevard County, it is important that your property is not only listed, but proactively marketed.

According to a 2013 study by Google and the National Association of Realtors, television, print, and billboard mediums play a minimal role in the research and decision making of home shoppers. Therefore, the money most Realtors spend to place listings in print mediums actually advertises the Realtor themselves instead of actually generating buyer leads for that specific property.

Rarely will print mediums generate a buyer for the property that is being advertised. What it will do is give an agent or brokerage brand recognition, while they use the ad to pick up buyer and seller leads for other properties.

Television and billboards are obviously used to advertise agents and brokerages, so these also do very little to actually sell a specific property.

There are several compelling statistics from Google and NAR. You will notice that over 94% of home shoppers begin their search for real estate online, which means this is the first and best place to build a competitive edge over the competition. There are several parts to this, and the first two are vitally important if you want to sell your property as fast as possible, and for the most money.

  1. Your property must be found online. This doesn’t mean that a generic, computer-generated page of your home on Zillow, Trulia, or Realtor.com will set you apart. Everyone’s properties are on those sites, whether they are for sale or not. The global reach of Carpenter / Kessel
  2. The second thing that is required is to catch the attention of the shopper and potential buyer. We do this with our high-end professional video tours. We work hard to make sure these videos are so good that any serious shopper is compelled to visit the property or contact us for more information.

There is actually a six-step revolutionary process that we use to sell homes faster and for more money. It mostly evolves around how we use videos and the internet to generate results that no other Realtor can. Our results and track record speak for itself, with Carpenter / Kessel selling 76 waterfront transactions between 2009 – 2012, more than any other agent or team in Brevard County. If you are thinking about selling your home, the only choice should be Carpenter / Kessel.

YOUTUBE is the number one online video site, the second largest search engine and third largest website in the world, it’s no wonder YouTube receives 4 billion views per day. Because of this, the Carpenter / Kessel brand channel continues to be the perfect online video destination for limitless exposure of the properties and lifestyles represented by our network. View some of our High Definition videos below from our YouTube channel. View some of our High Definition videos below from our YouTube channel. See a few of our High Definition Videos below taken from our Youtube Channel.








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