How to Sell Your Brevard County Home

Like many other top executives, Dewayne Carpenter is a busy man.

As a partner of the region’s top real estate team, his calendar is jam-packed. In 2015 the Carpenter / Kessel Homeselling Team sold 171 properties totaling $71 million in sales. In the first quarter of 2016 the team was involved in 18% of all the sales in Brevard County priced over $750,000.

We caught up with Dewayne and asked him a few questions

Q: How did you get into the business?

A: I was always intrigued by the investment aspect of the business. I would visit the courthouse when I was 18 and research the lis pendens files (foreclosure files) looking for potential deals to take to an investor and participate in. By the time I was 20 I decided that college wasn’t for me and got my real estate license. Once licensed, I learned the financial calculus of what makes a good investment and I decided to focus on what I was passionate about; waterfront and beachside properties that epitomize the “Florida” lifestyle.

Q: How has the local market changed in the last five years?

A: Drastically…the market has been fueled by the fast pace of new construction and developments, lower interest rates, buyer’s desire for higher-grade finishes, amenities and home technology upgrades.

Q: How has the pace changed the way Realtors make a living?

A: I’ve seen a lot of change since I was first licensed in 1996. When we are in a “good” market, it gets more competitive with a greater number of new agents (defined as in the business 5yrs or less). But like any profession, there is no substitution for experience and professional services, especially in a fast-paced market where the details can easily get lost in the shuffle. Also what’s changed is consumers are privy to all the listings available on the Multiple Listing Service, so for an agent to be relevant in a buyer’s search, or to be relevant advising seller’s on price, they need to know the market and be more useful than the internet.

Q: What is your secret to success?

A: Passion, innovation, customer service, persistence, integrity, specializing in a niche market — in my case, the waterfront and beachside market — and staying consistent. Most importantly, I always try to exceed my customers’ expectations. We believe the consumer deserves a better agent experience and we’ve put systems in place that provide our customers with A+ service. Teaming up with Kirk Kessel, my business partner for the past seven years, has had a tremendous impact on my real estate career. Kirk has been a top agent in the area for more than 35 years and I’m honored to have him as a partner.

Q: How are you adapting your business to the market conditions and opportunities?

I am a “techie” person by nature so I run the back end of our office and head up our digital, social and print marketing initiatives. Most agents have between two and maybe three ways in which they generate buyer and seller leads…we have about twenty. We pride ourselves on casting a larger net with many solid lead generating systems which means more exposure for our listings and ultimately benefits the seller with a higher sales price. When listing properties, it’s all about the packaging, the marketing and the presentation. My partner and I employ the best professional photographer in Florida who will create a HD video for presentation and a 3D virtual walk through that we integrate into hundreds of websites. We have a steady stream of qualified buyers coming in from our marketing, so I know what’s being integrated is effective.

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