Oceanfront Condo Living In Brevard County | High Floor or Low Floor?

Oceanfront Condo Brevard County

There’s something uniquely appealing about vertical living. Those shimmering steel and glass exteriors that decorate the vast blue sky. These remarkable structures offer some of the most amazing oceanfront views imaginable, reminiscent of the most luxurious five-star hotels. The same considerations are considered when searching for your perfect condominium home – location, amenities, and of course the view. Beyond these considerations lies a factor that will  certainly affect your lifestyle: the floor that you select to live on. With city and ocean views that some who live on higher floors say are well worth the increased price, many will find their needs met on lower floors. Each floor has an experience of it’s own.

Penthouse Living

Having established that breathtaking views are often the reason that home owners select the top floors, there are a few additional perks associated with penthouse living. Many choose to escape the hustle-and-bustle of daily life, going on outside your door. Also, the lack of neighbors adds an additional plus for relaxing evenings and peaceful mornings. The higher the floor, the higher the price and the views are not remarkably different from floor to floor, as they might be in urban dwellings with different buildings reaching into the skyline. The purchase of a penthouse home, affords the owner the prestige, amazing panoramic views and a lifestyle that is enviable.

Lower Floors

Generally, lower floor units sell for sometimes considerably less that the penthouse floor. But prior to choosing a higher floor, consider this: Although your views may not be as sweeping as those on higher floors, you are a few short steps away from the beach, as opposed to the penthouse dweller, who must go out his door, down an elevator and through the lobby. Another swaying factor on your list should be accessibility. Whether it is moving in, groceries or beach-going, the convenience is often a primary issue for people of all ages and stages. Another element in your decision-making could be electricity bills, air conditioning to be specific. In this warm Florida climate, your electric consumption will decrease greatly, as opposed to the higher floors which tend to take more energy to cool.

Life in the Middle

With pros and cons for both top and bottom floors, you may not find it surprising that the majority of our clients choose the middle floor. The spectacular views are only slightly different within the middle condos. With air conditioning in mind, you truly get the best of both worlds. In the summertime you have the insulation of the upper floors and when the heat rises in the cooler months, your heating costs decline. You are also located high enough to get above the dune vegetation to maximize the view but still low enough to make getting heavy loads to your home easy.

Personal preference will always win out, in the end, however I urge you to also consider the life-style that you want to live. If your budget allows, perhaps the benefits of penthouse living will cause you to disallow the lower floors. However, if you will take a chance on viewing what is available at each level, perhaps you will find that your daily life will be better served on a middle or even lower level.

Regardless, The Dewayne Carpenter / Kirk Kessel team is here to help you find your ideal location and floors. We are experts in luxury condos, both ocean and river front. Click here for a list of available oceanfront condos for sale: Oceanfront Residences for Sale

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