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Six Pricing Models Homesellers Make Large

Six Avoidable Pricing Mistakes Homesellers Make

Accurately pricing your property is imperative when selling your home. However, it is not as cut and dry as you might think. Learn about six easily avoidable mistakes and how you can ensure you price your home correctly.

Be Aware When Using Zillow and Trulia

Be Aware When Using Zillow or Trulia

Now more than ever with the influx of agents and inventory, Zillow / Trulia are not the portals to find the most current listings with accurate real estate data. As real estate agents know…

What You Need to Know About Teams

What You Need to Know About Real Estate Teams

There is a shift in the real estate industry that started a while ago but is really taking hold. That shift is the emergence of real estate “teams”. As the internet takes a bigger and bigger role in…

14 Mistakes that Kill Your Home's Value

14 Mistakes That Kill Your Home’s Value

Real-estate agents and appraisers say they regularly see homeowners make changes that don’t increase the value of the home by much, if at all. Some renovations or alterations can even…

VA Offers and What You Need to Know

VA Offers and What You Need to Know

The US Department of Veterans Affairs helps Service Members, Veterans, and eligible surviving spouses become homeowners. The most popular form of assistance is in what we call…

3D Tours and Floorplans - The New Standard

3D Tours and Floorplans – The New Standard

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to assemble a talented group of photographers, writers and designers here at Carpenter Kessel with Dale Sorensen Real Estate. Because of this, we are able…

New Construction vs Resale

New Construction vs Resale

When buyers are looking for their next home they may decide that New Construction is more desirable than an existing home resale. Wondering what makes them so different besides…

Protecting your home and belongings

Are Your Home and Belongings Protected?

One size does not fit all when it comes to homeowners and personal insurance programs, especially when it comes to clients who need a broad, varied range of coverage…


We Specialize in Re-Marketing Properties that Previously Failed to Sell

How did we sell 223 homes in 2018 and 223 homes the year prior? The short answer is our process. Specializing in re-marketing homes through the CK Creative, we are able to create…

Why Some Melbourne Homes Sell Faster

Why Some Melbourne Homes Sell Faster

Let’s discuss 9 reasons why some homes in the Brevard County area sell faster than others…

Staging Your Home to Sell

How to Prepare Your Home for a Showing

A home that shows well is far easier to market and can certainly command a premium. A little well placed attention can work wonders for the overall appearance of a property, with the smallest…

Seven Slip-Ups Home Sellers Should Circumvent No Matter What

Seven Slip-Ups Home Sellers Should Circumvent No Matter What

Have you heard of the saying, “A good beginning, makes a good ending?” Well, that is beyond true to grasp this concept in the home selling process.

What is Tax Portability?

When moving from one homestead property to another, you need to utilize your Tax Portability to save on your property taxes.