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Are your home and belongings protected? Talking Homeowners Coverage with NuVantage Insurance:

One size does not fit all when it comes to homeowners and personal insurance programs, especially when it comes to clients who need a broad, varied range of coverage. With an active 2017 hurricane season fresh on everyone’s mind and some homeowners experiencing insurance claim issues, now is a good time to be sure your policy is up to date and actually has you covered.

Specializing in all-encompassing insurance programs is NuVantage Insurance, where President Tom Wienckoski tells us he and his team of advisors continuously see people neglecting to update their policy on a regular basis and paying too much for insufficient coverage.

“As a team of real estate sales advisors, part of The Carpenter | Kessel Team’s full-service approach is to refer customers to companies that offer our clients a level of service much like our own” says Dewayne Carpenter, Partner at The Carpenter | Kessel Team. “NuVantage goes above and beyond the industry norm to offer highly personalized, concierge-style service and ensure our clients’ homes and investments are protected and will remain so for the long-term.”

We sat down with the agents at NuVantage to ask what steps you can take to ensure your home and belongings are sufficiently covered.

What are some of the biggest mistakes people make when purchasing homeowner and personal insurance programs?

Price over value, everyone’s priority in evaluating their insurance needs should be to protect their hard-earned assets in case of an accident or disaster, another key concern is to align yourself with a carrier that has a very efficient claims department so that in case of an accident or disaster any claims are dealt with swiftly to be sure the insured’s inconvenience is minimized. Another priority when purchasing any kind of insurance is to truly understand the policy and what it does and does not cover, things to look for regarding what might not be covered could be other structures such as docks, patios, detached garages, fences, sheds, screened enclosures and carports just to name a few.

In light of the active 2017 hurricane season this, what advice would you offer homeowners and investors—no matter where they live—to ensure they have quality coverage?

Once hurricane season arrives it could be too late, we encourage clients to set up a review sometime in May, most carriers will not accept any policy changes or any new policies once there is a named storm brewing. Insurance is a very dynamic item, there are constant changes on both the client side (new addition, new roof, etc.) as well as the carrier side (coverage changes, rate changes) which is why it is very smart to review coverages on an annual basis.

Many people don’t realize their home’s market value is not what should dictate their coverage. Can you explain what is of utmost importance?

Market value is important but even more important is replacement cost, under current market conditions, which are constantly changing, if my property/home was damaged/destroyed what would the costs be to rebuild/replace and not suffer any net losses.

Not everyone fully grasps the wide scope of what can be covered in a personal insurance program, beyond insuring their homes. Tell us a bit about what else you can secure coverage for?

Most homeowners policies are limited as to what is covered, but in many cases supplemental insurance is available and most of the time at a very reasonable cost, examples of such items can be docks, firearms, jewelry/valuables, golf carts, ATV, art/wine, antiques, and collectibles.

NuVantage signature offering is “concierge-style” service. Can you elaborate a bit on what that entails for your clients?

Our mission at NuVantage insurance is to be sure that all of our clients have appropriate coverage at the best possible cost, a huge advantage that we have is having access to almost 100 of the best carriers available anywhere in the country, this gives us the flexibility we need to ensure our client’s success in properly protecting their assets. Very simply put, as Yogi Berra would say, you do not need insurance until you need it! Hopefully, you are never in a position to need to file a claim but if unfortunately, you do find yourself in that position, thirty minutes of preparation once per year can really save clients a great deal of money and even more headaches. We welcome all customers to drop in or set up a meeting at any time to review their policies, we have over 100 years combined experience at our agency and will gladly take the time to sit down with you, understand your needs and put you in policies that add the most value for your specific situation. This is a free service that we will always provide and we encourage all clients to please take full advantage of it. We love to help educate our clients regarding their insurance needs!

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