Real estate is a relationship business and what binds a customer with a real estate agent is not some fancy search engine or billboard on the side of the highway, it’s having a natural affinity towards one another and keeping things genuine. Military life opened my eyes to various cultures, allowed me to work with several different types of people and gifted me with the the ability to relate.

It’s always gratifying to represent a military member during his/her real estate process, but it’s especially awesome when that military member served in the same branch as I did.

Dale recently retired after serving 20 years, with the majority of his time spent as a navy diver. When he and his lovely better half Jennifer moved to the area late last year, they both stumbled upon jobs here in Brevard. They were cruising with Dale’s solar powered, fully independent RV when they drove by AOR, a diving contractor in Merritt Island.

Navy Diver

This is Dale training with Royal Thai Navy divers during Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) Thailand 2011.

Dale introduced himself to Trent and LeAnn, owners of AOR, and told them that he and Jennifer are new to the area and asked if they needed any help around the shop. A week later, Dale was running the maintenance shop aka Dive Locker, servicing and troubleshooting all the high tech dive equipment AOR takes with them on their dives. Jennifer joined the front office task force to combat all things administration, keeping the divers on schedule and customers happy.

After getting settled in at AOR, Dale and Jennifer needed a place to call home. They expressed this to Trent and LeAnn and luckily for them, they had a guy. Trent and LeAnn, navy retirees as well, are clients of mine from early 2016. In fact, I sold them their first commercial building, the new home to AOR, and without hesitation they recommended me.

Later that same week I was sitting down with Dale and Jennifer. This was their first time purchasing a home so we had a lot of ground to cover. We discussed their purchase options, Brevard’s current real estate market, I explained the VA home loan benefit and of course we shared navy stories.

After compiling all their needs and wants I was ready to conduct my search. Dale and Jennifer were on a bit of a time crunch; they’re pregnant and needed to find a place to get settled in before the baby comes. They needed some land for all of Dale’s hobbies, space for their growing family and of course wanted a pool, “it’s a Florida thing” they said.

They fell in love with the second home I showed them, a ranch style with a pool on an acre. The property needed some work, but Dale is a very handy and loves a challenge. Sarah Hidy at The Mortgage Firm handled Dale’s VA Home Loan, making this one extremely smooth transaction.

I take a tremendous amount of pride in my military background and appreciate the fact that I am able to level with such a large population and provide the service they deserve. Thank you Trent and LeAnn for the referral and Dale and Jennifer for being such great people to work with. #expandingmyfamily

Shane Burgman Realtor