Living on the Space Coast is something we at the Carpenter Kessel Homeselling Team obviously take great pride in. After all, we make our living selling the lifestyle that living here affords our residents. Check out the list below to see just a few of the reasons why we think Brevard County is the ultimate destination for Florida living.

We’re Called “The Sunshine State” for a Reason

It’s no secret that Florida has great weather. We’re know for sunny skies and warm breezes. According to U.S Climate DataMelbourne (one of the major cities in our county) has an average temperature of 72.4°. Thanks to our location within the state, our weather benefits from milder temperatures than the extreme highs you find farther south in cities like Miami or West Palm Beach. We also benefit from the ocean breezes, keeping us cooler than the insulated areas in the center of the state like Orlando.

It’s Safe to Live Here

Everyone wants to live in a place that makes them feel safe. It’s human nature to want to feel protected. Brevard County has five major cities that ranked in the top 100 cities in the recent report by National Council for Home Safety and Security’s (a trade association comprised of home security professionals across the United States) entitled “The Safest Cities in Florida 2018.”  With almost all of those 5 cities ranking in the top half, the most notable ranking was Satellite Beach which came in as the Number 4 Safest City in Florida 2018. The methodology for ranking these cities is “based on the number of reported violent crimes (aggravated assault, murder, rape, and robbery) and property crimes (burglary, arson, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft) per 1,000 people. These variables were then weighted, with violent crimes accounting for 1.5 of the total (due to their severity) than property crimes.”

This is no news to us, as many cities in our area consistently rank in this, and other, reports as being some of the safest places to live in our state. Looking at data from past studies, you can see just how many local cities make the list. See our coverage of these reports from 20142016, and 2017.

We’re Hiring!

When you are thinking of relocating somewhere, often times the first thing you want is a great place to secure a job. Job growth across the country has been on the rise, but the numbers here is Brevard County are some of the most impressive in the state. Brevard County is home to numerous large scale technology, engineering and manufacturing companies. In fact, Brevard County is ranked #1 in the state of Florida as the Most Concentrated High-Tech Economy, while coming in at #9 nationwide according to the 2017 study done by the Milken Institute. The Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville region was the fastest growing region in the nation due to a 90 point climb from 2016. Yes, you read that correct – in the NATION.

With numbers like this, it’s no wonder we have the job market we do. A quick job search on shows over 4,000 jobs in Melbourne (+ 25miles) with companies such as Harris, Health First, The Home Depot, Northrop Grumman and CVS.

We are the World’s ONLY Quadramodal Transportation Hub

You might be saying “the only what?!” Brevard County is the only transportation hub on the PLANET, that utilizes travel by land, air, sea and space. Brevard county is affectionately nicknamed “The Space Coast” because of this. We are perfectly positioned on the Atlantic seaboard of Florida making for one of the most favorable trade headquarters in the world.

Port Canaveral is the world’s second busiest cruise port behind Port of Miami in cruise passenger volume. The cargo business at our port is also growing – and we are slated to become the busiest port in the world as growth continues. What do this mean for our residents? Well, for one it means close proximity to fabulous cruise ships and international vacation destinations. It also means heavy tourism dollars for our local businesses, meaning more jobs and continued support for investing in infrastructure. The best part about this is that Brevard county is still considered a relatively “sleepy town” unlike the other cities that have this type of tourist and trade activity. You truly get the best of both worlds!

Did you happen to catch any of the recent media coverage of the Falcon Heavy Rocket? If you did, you know it was nothing short of astounding! Elon Musk, of Space X, just sent the largest rocket in history into space – with a Tesla Roadster “piloted” by Starman to boot! Is there anything cooler than that? Watching rocket launches and touring Kennedy Space Center are as common place among the locals here as it comes. There is truly nothing more exciting than standing in your backyard watching a rocket launch into space and feeling that rumble as it breaks through the atmosphere! You just can’t find this anywhere but here!

Brevard County is a Leader in Education

If you have a family with children in school, or even if you are a lifelong learner continuing your own education, you are in good hands. Brevard is ranked third in the state, with 97% of Brevard schools receiving a grade of A or B. We’re also home to numerous award winning private schools.

The secondary education environment is comprised of a wide selection of colleges and universities, both locally headquartered or utilizing satellite locations. Most notable is Florida Institute of Technology, located in Melbourne, which was originally founded in 1958 to serve the continuing educational needs of the scientists, engineers and technicians working for NASA. Today FIT is home to the most internationally diverse undergraduate student body of any national university according to U.S. News. It’s also name a Tier 1 Best National University in the nation for the 8th consecutive year.

We could literally go on an on about what makes our area great. Truthfully, we’d much rather just show you. We live here, we work here, and we specialize in selling this lifestyle. We are passionate about our area and all it has to offer. If you are thinking about relocating to the Space Coast – or if you know someone that is – reach out to us. Let us show you (or them) first hand what makes Brevard County the BEST place to live!