Luxury and Oceanfront Condo Living December 2023

Luxury and Oceanfront Condo Living December 2023

  • Dewayne Clyde Carpenter
  • 12/7/23

Discover the latest in Brevard County real estate with our December digital brochure. In this edition, we focus on the dynamic real estate market of December 2023, emphasizing the ongoing battle between interest rates and inventory levels. This conflict is shaping the current real estate scene significantly.

Key Highlights:

  • Market Dynamics: Despite October's peak interest rates of 8%, some home prices in Brevard County remain high, largely due to low inventory levels compared to buyer demand.
  • Inventory Trends: Contrary to the usual post-October decline, November saw an unexpected increase in inventory, hinting at potential future price decreases.
  • Price Reductions: This year has seen the highest number of price reductions since 2015, particularly in areas like Suntree and Viera, and Satellite and Indian Harbour Beach.
  • Impact of Rising Inventory: The continued rise in inventory could significantly influence pricing. Properties that stand out, including waterfront, fully renovated, or newer homes, are selling more rapidly.

Exclusive Content in Our Brochure:

  • Active Listings: We feature a selection of luxury and waterfront properties, showcasing the elegance and exclusivity of Brevard County’s real estate offerings.
  • Recently Sold Properties: Gain insights from our recently sold homes, which provide a clear picture of the market's response to various property types and locations.
  • State of the Marketplace Video: Our latest episode, "The Battle of Pricing - Inventory vs Interest Rates," offers an in-depth analysis of the current market trends in Brevard County.

Stay updated with our ongoing insights and expertise in luxury and waterfront real estate.

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