The Market Is Crazy Right Now but What Does That Actually Mean?

The Market Is Crazy Right Now but What Does That Actually Mean?

  • Carpenter | Kessel Real Estate
  • 03/25/21

Everyone knows the real estate market is crazy right now, you’ve probably heard it said a million times, but we wanted you to hear it from US your actual local market experts – We want to take a second to explain to you exactly what “the market is crazy” actually means!

Our Sales Partner, Brian Greene, helped us by breaking down and explaining the 4 major reasons the market is being affected and why it’s so crazy right now:

  1. Historically Brevard county typically holds 3,00 active listings at any given time on our MLS and currently we are sitting around 1,000 listings.
  2. Historically low interest rate. Lower interest rates are allowing people who couldn’t necessarily afford to buy before be able to buy now, which intern is depleting our inventory even more.
  3. Historically low days on market. And because of the low inventory buyers are not wanting to miss out on a property therefore putting buyers are not wasting time on putting in an offer.
  4. Record sales prices. Because we have multiple buyers bidding on the same property with the escalation clause it drives up the property purchase price.

But in the end, you have to remember who you work with matters!

Give us a call or schedule a virtual strategy session below if you're ready to enter the market and let us show you what it means to have "The Luxury of Knowledge" on your side! Having strong representation is imperative and the CK Team is prepared to lessen the crazy, make sure you have a seamless experience, and help you achieve your goals. You won't find a situation we haven't seen before!

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