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The Whitney Team, under the leadership & guidance of Lindsey and Harvey Whitney, is a premier real estate group, committed to delivering the best possible customer experience. Operating within the parent brand of The Carpenter Kessel | Compass Homeselling Team, the Whitney Team upholds the values and standards of Carpenter Kessel while delivering a truly unique hands-on customer-centric approach. Their client-focused, results-driven philosophy is evident in their commitment to providing weekly check-ins, detailed market reports, and performance analyses to help their clients make informed decisions. With a team of professionally licensed realtors, their clients receive not just one expert, but the collective expertise of the group. The Whitney Team is passionate about mentoring agents and helping them achieve success while maintaining the integrity of their team. Open communication is of utmost importance to the Whitney Team and is key to creating a positive and rewarding experience for their customers. As they continue to grow, the Whitney Team remains humble in its dedication to providing exceptional customer service.

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We believe the consumer deserves a better real estate sales experience Shunning the way traditional real estate is practiced, we are raising the bar as far as the type of representation people are receiving. With leading edge technology, in depth market knowledge, innovative property presentation, a powerful global network, multimedia target marketing, discreet personal service, and expert contract negotiation.